Consultation for Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are often misunderstood leaving individuals (and families) to suffer alone in silence. The good news is we are here to change that! We believe that recovery is possible for everyone. At Heemang Emotional Wellness, we understand that eating disorders and disordered relationships with food are often about much more than eating. From a person-centered approach, we want to help improve your quality of life, not just treat symptoms. Our consultant is trained to deliver both new and established modalities and techniques to help you recover.

Below are some of the levels to recovery that we will help you master: (please note these are just examples and not exact as everyone’s recovery looks different)

  • how to be free from obsessions with food / to be free from thinking about food 24/7

  • how to cope with relationships without turning to food or away from food (without manipulating food)

  • how to master / manage cravings

  • how to manage your feelings / how to allow to have them

  • how to be okay about yourself and your body even when you are not okay

  • how to care for yourself without needing to justify it

  • how to turn against your disorder and not against those who are here to challenge it

  • how to live without the disorder

We also provide Support groups for Caregivers as we recognise that recovery is a team effort and all parties involved journey together. (for more information, visit Caregivers Circle ). We offer in person and online sessions for clients overseas and those who prefer the comfort of their home.

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