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    Heemang Foundation

    Non-profit organization

    Heemang Foundation is a charity providing accessible care and support for eating disorder treatment, as well as growing community education and awareness.

    Recognizing the alarming increase in eating disorders and dysfunctional relationships with food across British Columbia and Canada, Heemang Foundation helps individuals and families to achieve full recovery through residential and after-care programs in Vancouver, B. C.

  • Caregiver's circle

    Caregivers Circle

    Free workshop for eating disorders / emotional eating

    2 hour Interactive Virtual Workshop with Krisztina Marshall (Founder and CEO of Heemang Emotional Wellness) Conducted via Google Meet, you will be in a virtual room with up to 20 participants, who will share and listen to each other’s experiences. This is a space where you can ask questions and get your doubts cleared about the disorder. All questions are welcome. You will have the chance to interact with other people who are currently or in future wish to be caregivers to those struggling with eating disorders and food issues.

  • Living Fearlessly Podcast

    Living Fearlessly


    Are you aware that you are emotional eating? During the covid-19 pandemic, emotional eating has been on the rise. Krisztina Marshall, a certified counsellor specializing in eating disorder and obesity, discusses how our relationship with food can be complex and vary depending on our life experiences. Krisztina shares her touching story of how she suffered with eating disorder for over 15 years, and slowly healed her relationship with food despite her medical doctors, friends and family giving up on her. Because of her own experience, she is now helping many people recover from emotional eating through a truly unique approach that is compassionate and effective.

    As emotional eating is often normalized in our society, tune in to learn why it is important that we are aware of our relationship with food.